Folded Footnotes

I just read ‘The Secret Life of Clowns’ by Jeff Raz. I enjoyed every word. It offers a near perfect segue from the closing of Ringling to the wonder of Cirque de Soleil.
Better still? It begins with a dedication to Peggy Ford and contains a wonderful story of her warm insight. Peggy and I were first of Mays on the Ringling Blue Unit many years ago. Now she is gone.She took her stories and left her legacy, and I smile a sad smile for missing her, and a happy one for seeing the size of the clown footprint she made on the world. Little known secret? In 1976 we got fleur-de-lis tattoos on our big toes!

Thanks Jeff Raz! The irony of playing a dead clown is not lost on me. You give them new life as The Conservatory continues to birth big-shoed wonders.

Down with secrets! Long live the clown!

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