Tales being told:
“More fun than a math test!”  3rd grader

“Can I have my picture taken with you?”  Mike Perry to the audience!

“Will you please come back soon?”  Mike’s wife

“He kept my attention!” (May I have it back?)  Anonymous audience member

“Hire him. He’s great!”  Ok, I said that, but you will too!


“Tall tale tellers come in all sizes!”

Mike tells original stories, folktales, and fictional fun, providing interactive entertainment tfor children of all ages at functions and fairs, variety shows, and storytelling festivals, libraries, schools, and corporate events.

“Let me tell you something…”  Book

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Workshops  “If they are listening, they are learning ... “

“Storytelling in the Classroom” The University of Pittsburgh and Carlow University

“The Art of Story Presentation” The University of Pittsburgh’s OSHER program

“The Benefits of Storytelling in an Early Education and Special Needs Environments.” Allegheny Intermediate Unit


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