2017 Happy New Year …  ?

The unanswered question of 2017 is … what to question?

If I only have one to ask …. it would be where to place my doubt this year.  Will it be a happy new year, or do I question that? As in :  Happy ? New Year.  But doubting  12 months of potential portends that bad events will outweigh good. What’s the story with that?

So the question remains, is 2017 going to offer more of the same?  Must I continue to embrace last year’s cynicism and accept the future as a polar  chaos?  Happy New ? Year. Doesn’t new  suggest open to opportunity? Must I question that?  Does 2017 arrive as a continuous loop of same old, same old?  A groundhog day tape of 2016?

 As a child, each new year arrived as a new adventure,  new opportunities, new growth. Now, with more birthdays behind me than in front, the bold truth is that personal growth is not mandatory, but an option. Then, why would I doubt growth and question change; putting a question mark at the end of 52 new weeks of potential?  Making 2017, ‘ Happy New Year?’ 

How to question the future?  It’s a battle of choice.  Like the movie Groundhog Day, making conscious decisions daily,  affects  outcome greatly. Do it , do it and do it again and again, adapting and moving on. Doesn’t each moment offer unlimited opportunity, positing minute changes, tiny shifts, steering  the future in a new direction by choice. Happy? This is not a question, it is also a choice, embrace it. Say yes to circumstance.  Agreement. Yes. Agreeing to happiness. Yes. Allow for  newness to unfold.

And then I choose to make the year new. And once the new arrives?  Add to it!  And the mantra of life’s improv is;  ‘Yes and.’  Commit to life and add to it, move it forward, and give your partner something good to work with, no matter what. Go for it, and be authentic. It will work, and if it doesn’t?  It doesn’t matter.  Life as improv, and the next moment is here …    

So that’s my story for the next year. Where does the doubt go? I’ve decided to move it back to the future. Question the date. 2017?  For the next 365 I’ll simply question the fact that I made it this far.  2017?  Yes! AND ... I commit to being happy in all  its new unborn potential  this year.

Join me won’t you? 


Entertaining audiences for over 25 years, Mike Perry appears at schools, festivals, picnics, parties, and variety shows. His performances incorporate: comedy, circus skills, magic, storytelling and audience participation, to excite and inform, educate and entertain children of all ages.

“Growing up is optional. Having fun is mandatory! “

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