Folded Footnotes

The circus!  I feel like a child trying to understand a death in the family.  "What do you mean I can't see it again?  It's just headed to winter quarters. It'll will be back."  I struggle to accept that R.B.B.& B.Circus, The Greatest Show on Earth, is folding....

Folded Footnotes

2017 Happy New Year ...  ? The unanswered question of 2017 is ... what to question? If I only have one to ask .... it would be where to place my doubt this year.  Will it be a happy new year, or do I question that? As in :  Happy ? New Year.  But doubting  12 months...


"Storytelling is the social  activity of sharing stories, often with improvisation, theatrics or embellishment.  Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and instilling moral values." This is...

Entertaining audiences for over 25 years, Mike Perry appears at schools, festivals, picnics, parties, and variety shows. His performances incorporate: comedy, circus skills, magic, storytelling and audience participation, to excite and inform, educate and entertain children of all ages.

“Growing up is optional. Having fun is mandatory! “

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